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Posted Thu 02 August 2018, 11:39 AM

Ref: OR/076698

Job Title
Food Safety Officer
Environmental Health
Food Safety
Contract Type
Per Inspection Contract

Full Description

Our client is looking to complete 150 Cat E and 40 Cat C/D food premises inspections by the end of September if possible. You will be required to complete a full inspection and report and issue the FHRS. The work schedule is flexible and given the low risk nature of many of the premises the client has suggested that you will be able to complete a high volume in a relatively short space of time so it's a very easy project to work on.

We will need you to demonstrate you competency by providing us with copies of relevant qualifications and a completed competency assessment alongside an up to date CV.

We are happy to split the workload amongst multiple Inspectors so please contact us even if you have limited availability. The schedule is flexible and can fit around any existing work requirements.

The work is based in Surrey and will pay £28-£35 per inspection.